Logging in for the first time

Guidance for logging in for the first time and setting your preferences

In the Resources section you will find a selection of short guidance videos on how to get yourself set up in community voice.

The communities explained

Ask a Question is an open community that anyone can view or join to collaborate and share knowledge. Other more specific communities such as ITSM, End User Computing and Automation are closed communities that you need to request to join. These communities are for specific skill sets or job functions and are dedicated to discussions and information on those specific topics.

There are also hidden communities that are not visible to you in 'my communities' unless you have been invited to join them. For example, the Champions community for advocates which is explained in the 'become a VIP' section.

Managing your account

In order to join a community you need to sign in. If you are doing this for the first time you need to set up your password.  Please use the link on the right hand side of the sign in page and you will be sent an email from mail@1e.com with your password reset. If you are not recognized by the system, you will need to complete the form instead. Here is a video guide to help you 

The next step is managing your preferences and privacy. You can control the frequency of emails and how much of you profile information is visible to other community members.

Click on your profile top right of the screen, change your picture and enter or alter your details. Then click on 'my account' and use the drop down to update your privacy and email preferences as well as notifications. Here is an overview video to help you on your way.

See FAQs and also the Resources Library for further guidance on how to get started.

NB In order to ensure you receive password reset emails and your community voice emails, please ensure mail@1e.com, donotreply@1e.com and communityvoice@1e.com are not being caught in your organization's spam traps.